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P&P Marine Consultants has a record of a variety of cases where our team of surveyors offered their expertise. Our team is capable to offer extensive services to any need from ship owners or third party organizations. Thirty and more years of experience has established our company as one of the protagonists in the industry. Our surveyors are equipped with the latest instruments to help them inspect the vessel in the most reliable and accurate way.

Through extensive inspection, each time as required, our team will satisfy the customer’s requirements and offer its consult to get the best results in each case. P&P Marine Consultants and its global network of associates are in a position to handle any case of survey service including non-destructive testing, metallurgical examination, chemical analysis, underwater inspections, deepwater surveying and cam cording or cargo sampling.

The expertise of our team extends but is not limited to the following categories.

  • Ship’s Inspection.
  • Hull Surveys.
  • Machinery Surveys.
  • Damage Surveys.
  • Delivery/ Redelivery Surveys.
  • Records Inspection.
  • Ship's Pre-purchase Superficial Inspection.
  • Ship's Delivery to Buyers Surveys.
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