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Introduction: P&P Marine Consultants identified a great opportunity for the shipbuilding sector in China, back in 2000. Since 2005, the company established an office located in Ningbo, Zhejiang, which is actively involved in new building supervision and consulting and ship production in China and Asia. Our mission is to offer our clients the highest quality for their projects.

Team: P&P Marine Consultants employs a strong team of Naval Architects, Marine Engineers, Electrical Engineers and Painting supervisors. Our team - a mix of European and Chinese experts - covers all aspects of new building supervision and ship construction. Our team of experts with extensive know-how, acting as site managers and shipbuilding supervisors have, successfully supervised ship production in shipyards located in Korea, Japan and China. Our teams strive to achieve the prompt and in time completion of any project of ships of high quality within the challenging shipbuilding environment of China.

Client Services Prior Shipbuilding

Shipyard Approval and Due Diligence: Due to our establishment in the Chinese market, we have investigated for owners and banking institutions as well as insurance companies many shipyards whether State or Privately owned and we are in position to advise our clients and secure the best solution for their project.

Composition of the Specification: Our team can advise owners on the vessel’s specification document. With our extensive experience in ship production and new building consulting, we can compose the most appropriate specification document for the specific shipbuilding project to assure maximum safety, highest quality and efficiency.

Makers List Generation: As supervisors we have inspected the factories of many Chinese marine equipment makers and we are in a position to advise our Clients during the makers list selection process.

Shipbuilding Services & Project Management

P&P Marine Consultants as new building supervisors and shipbuilding consultants operate upon an efficient and proven project management plan. Our method guarantees the highest quality of ship construction.

Standard set of Shipbuilding Services:

  1. Drawing Review and approval.
  2. New Building Supervision and Quality Management.
  3. Equipments Inspection.
  4. Management of Ship owner’s requests.
  5. Management of the Acceptance Staff.
  6. Sea Trials Supervision.
  7. Owner’s Supplies Management.
  8. Preparation for Delivery and Final Delivery.

It is of utmost importance for P&P Marine Consultants to please our clients. Therefore we treat every new building supervision and consulting and every ship construction project as a unique case and in addition to our standard set of services, we offer customized services according to client’s needs and the nature of the specified project. At the same time our experts are in position to examine and carry out client’s requests immediately and effectively.

Projects Completed: P&P Marine Consultants has extensive experience in supervision and delivery of Chemical Tankers (small and MR sizes), Bulk Carriers (12.000-180.000DWT), Floating Docks (35.000DWT lifting capacity), Small size Passenger Ships, Barges and Special Heavy lift open deck Pontoons.

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