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In July 1977, nearly 12 days after the beginning of operations, the first contract of the company was to put back to service the Greek Motor Tanker "Christine", while she was in Houston. Since then, as the experience grew, new Services were added.

With our clientele growing along with demand for quality and timely service, our presence in New York was indispensable. In May of 1981, P&P Marine Consultants leased space in the World Trade Center, in order to serve a broader base of clients, while in the meantime offering global coverage with presence in two of the then most prominent maritime centers. The New York office’s main function was the representation of owners and banks having damage claims.

Besides claims, the company has been involved in:

  • Assistance to tanker owners complying with the new regulations coming into effect.
  • Drawing up the repair specifications for all type of ships to be repaired in the USA, Caribbean, the Gulf of Mexico, Central and South America.

The surveyors of our company have ex­tensively conducted multiple surveys, while focusing on "Damage Surveys", a category of surveys in which reports must be written immediately and repair specifications have to be drawn even within 12 hours.

In 2001 our Company started its activities in China with a focus in shipyard modernization and new buildings. The extent of the projects, which are being handled, had as a result the establishment of our Office in Ningbo.

Today P&P Marine Consultants is in a position to offer global maritime services in various technical fields. The experience and expertise of our company on Claims, Surveys, Salvage, Ship repair and Shipbuilding, guarantees the best results for our customers.

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