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In July 1977, nearly 12 days later, the first contract of the company was to put back to service a large Greek Motor Tanker, while she was in Houston. From that time on and for more than 30 years, P&P Marine Consultants has provided its services into the Marine Industry and has a proven record of Claims, Ship Repairs and New Buildings.

P&P Marine Consultants has handled claims, which cover a wide range of incidents. Main Engine failures, Crankshaft breakdowns, Grounding and Hull damages, Heavy damages with full load, are just some off them. As Owner Representatives or Underwriter's Representative, we have provided and we are providing complete, effective and successful Claim Handling.

In addition to claim handling, the company has been engaged in the reactivation and repairs of ships laid up due to heavy damages sustained to their Machinery and Hull. P&P Marine Consultants has been involved in projects to renew Main Engine, repair/renew the Main Engine’s Crankshaft, repair auxiliary Engines and Generators, and also in major steel renewal of up to 2,000 metric tons in a ship. P&P Marine Consultants has also extensive experience in repairing ships that suffered a heavy damage being fully loaded and were abandoned by the ship owner. The company carried out repairs to allow for the vessels to be towed to the discharge port and then to the repair or scrap yard.

Today P&P Marine Consultants is well established in China. Our presence in Asia started back in 2000 when we identified the possibilities of the area and especially China. Since then, P&P Marine Consultants has been offering its services as New Building Consultants and Supervisors to major companies from all over the world. Our positioning in China and our expertise make us the best solution for any owner. P&P Marine Consultants has supervised and delivered: Chemical Tankers (small and MR sizes), Bulk Carriers (12.000-180.000DWT), Floating Docks (35.000DWT lifting capacity), Small size Passenger Ships, Barges and Special Heavy lift open deck Pontoons (learn more in: Projects).

Through all these years our technical team has acquired invaluable experience and is now one of the most qualified teams. P&P Marine Consultants continues to invest in expanding its team’s expertise with continuous training and in new members, assuring the quality of services for its Clients.


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